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Biographic Sketch of Bishop Garry L. Tyson

Garry L. Tyson was born and reared in Starke, Florida. He is married to the former Miss Nicole Whitehead. They are the proud parents of two sons, Marcel and Marques one daughter Dominique and three grandsons Marshaun, Ashton and Tyler Marques Tyson. 

For over a decade Pastor Garry L. Tyson has made it his mission to empower changed people to change the world. His message and mandate is clear, to positively impact the world.

Bishop Tyson came to the Northwest with a vision from God for the people of God. To "Show Seattle the Savior@, "King county the King of Kings", and the "Pacific Northwest the Prince of Peace.” In March of 2009 Bishop Garry L, Tyson was the first Pastor from the Pacific NW to be featured on the Word Network’s Rejoice in the Word program. Bishop Tyson and his wife First Lady Nicole have frequently hosted the TBN Broadcast of “Praise the Lord.”

In March of 2014 Bishop Tyson humbly accepted the position to serve alongside some incredible men and women of God in GUF- Global United Fellowship, under the leadership of Bishop Neil C. Ellis.

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Bishop Garry Tyson Founded The Nehemiah Initiative in early spring 2017. “The Nehemiah Initiative- NI is a loose collaborative of real estate professionals that have come together in order to give African American churches information and alternatives to selling their property. 

” The NI offers African American Churches in the CD - Central District alternatives to succumbing to Gentrification  by maintaining and repurposing their property..  The NI is challenging the “Epidemic of displacement.” Which causes “Trauma to the community at large.

On July 28, 2020 Bishop Garry L. Tyson became the 6th President of the General Baptist Convention of the Northwest (GBCNW), and is also currently serving as the New Moderator  of the MDA.

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GBCNW Missional Partners

GBCNW is proud to announce our expert of strategic Missional Partners. 

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