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GBCNW History


In 1951, in the dining hall of the new Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, in Portland, Oregon, the Baptist State Convention of Oregon was officially organized under spiritual leadership of Reverend O. B. Williams. It was a move that united local churches within the
area in spiritual teachings, personal experiences and united fellowship.

The charter churches who made up the initial conventions were: New Jerusalem Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reverend Jeff Sanders; Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reverend Sylvester McCullumn; The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reverend A. A. Newton; the Providence Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reverend Boyd Sr.; and the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church.

Dr. P.S. Wilkins, the Pastor of New Light Baptist Church of San Antonio, Texas, who was an officer and instructor of Ministers for the National Baptist Convention of America, presided over the charter meeting. Members elected Reverend O.B. Williams to preside as the first president of the convention. Reverend A.A. Newton was elected to serve as vice president, Oneida Warren, from Vancouver Avenue Church was elected Secretary and Reverend Reese Williams of Vancouver Avenue Church was elected Treasurer.

The Convention created four initial organizational auxiliaries, ministerial branches that included the Senior Mission, the Junior Mission, The Brotherhood, and the Ushers. Each group created
to unify the body, strengthening the general assembly in Christ. As the Convention grew and spiritually prospered in Christ, neighboring states of Washington, Idaho, and Utah joined the organization in 1959. Shortly thereafter the body elected to change the organization’s name to the “The General Baptist Convention of the Northwest”.

In 1960, Portland-area Baptist Churches organized the Sunday School, B.T.U and Ushers Congress, a school of methods that equipped appointed officers and saints within churches – a training platform. The Congress convenes annually during the Spring break period in March. Reverend O. B. Williams appointed Deacon S. Q. Broadous, a member of Vancouver Avenue Church, to serve as the first president to lead the Congress. Deacon Broadous served twenty-five years in this elected position. The Convention also established the Union District Association, an alliance to govern the Baptist Doctrine within local churches. Reverend Sylvester McCullum, then Pastor of the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, was appointed the first Moderator of the Association.

The proceeding years brought new auxiliaries into the convention; the Home Mission Board was founded in 1961, with Reverend F.A. Allen of Pasco, Washington, serving as first board head, followed by the Evangelical Board with Reverend W.W. Davenport of Seattle, Washington, serving as first chairperson. In 1969, two more boards were added: the Foreign Mission Board, With Reverend E.C. Wilder of Portland, Oregon, serving as the first chairperson. The Educational Board was headed by Reverend L.D. Williams of Spokane

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